Colonial Cooperative Care offers its clients:

Medical Management
Case Management
Provider Networks
Support of Member Physician Practices

  • Risk Management
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Consultation

Impartial Medical Examinations and Record Review

Medical Management:
Colonial Cooperative Care’s medical management services include utilization management, case management and network based programs to assist employees in receiving the right level of care in the right place at the right time.

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Case Management:
Colonial Cooperative Care’s case management services help manage the small percentage of serious or catastrophic cases that account for almost 30 percent of an employer’s health care costs. To manage these cases effectively, our highly trained professionals intervene telephonically to assess the individual situation, explore viable treatment alternatives and make informed, cost-effective health care recommendations.

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Provider Networks:
Colonial Cooperative Care manages a flexible network of physicians, hospitals and ancillary providers located in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  This network encompasses over 5,000 physicians and includes both community level and tertiary care centers.

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Services to Support Physician Practices:
Colonial Cooperative Care supports the physician members of its network by providing discounted medical malpractice insurance, access to group health and disability insurance, consultation regarding practice management and support to office managers regarding fee schedules, billing and coding.

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Impartial Medical Evaluations and Medical Record Review:
Colonial Cooperative Care can make available to employers, insurers, third party administrators or lawyers, specialty physicians to perform an impartial medical examination or review a medical record.
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